KeyboardKit Pro


KeyboardKit Pro

KeyboardKit Pro is a closed-source library that extends the KeyboardKit open source project with pro features, like more locales, an autocomplete engine and more views.

Checkout the GitHub repository for more information about features and how to add KeyboardKit Pro to your own projects.


KeyboardKit Pro requires a commercial license.


✔  1 Extra Locale

✔  1 Bundle*

✔  Autocomplete Engine




✔  5 Extra Locales

✔  1 Bundle*

✔  Autocomplete Engine




✔  All Locales

✔  1 New Locale

✔  1 Bundle*

✔  Autocomplete Engine


License Information

Licenses are valid for one bundle (app or extension). Additional bundles can be added to a license at a 50% discount per bundle.

Licenses are valid for one year. After expiration, you can continue to use any versions that were released during your license’s validity period.

Expired licenses don’t affect shipped apps. They will continue to function after the license expires. You will however need to purchase a new license to ship new versions of your apps.

How to purchase

Licenses are currently purchased over e-mail, using your preferred payment option of choice. Just send an e-mail and we’ll discuss your needs.